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Holst — Art Reproduction Shop

Holst is a project for retouching and printing old paintings. The project’s aim is to use digital retouching to recreate the original look of old artworks. Although painting restoration is a rather standard operation done by well-trained specialists, it is slow, costly, and lacks the level of discretion matched by a modern image editor. Holst’s goal is to use digital technology to repair the defects of age and alter an image’s brightness, contrast, and colors to better reflect the artist’s original creation.

Holst offers producing paper or canvas art prints of paintings by famous artists, modern printing technology enables us to create reproductions at an affordable price and superior quality.

We have tried to make the selection process convenient by placing all of our paintings into different categories. You can search for the artist, style, or the country of origin.

Satisfaction guarantee. We undertake to replace any product delivered to you that is faulty or is in a damaged condition.